A handmade collection of self help remedies for those in need of some stress and anxiety relief

The box contains:

Hand reflexology points to promote relaxation and relieve stress and anxiety symptoms

Lifestyle advice to aid stress reduction

A hand-poured soy wax aromatherapy candle made with a blend of lavender, bergamot and frankincense essential oils chosen specifically to reduce stress and anxiety symptoms, balance emotions and soothe the nervous system. Made in Gatley.

Organic relaxing tea

Salt Spa Co relaxation Epsom salts relaxation blend of sweet orange, vanilla and lavender to help ease away the aches and pains.

A 10ml pulse point roller ball – Grapeseed oil infused with a more intense scent of sweet marjoram, mandarin and bergamot – can be used throughout the day. Hand-blended in Gatley.